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Returned Product Policy Sentry Protection

Products will accept returned manufactured goods with the following terms and conditions:

1. No return is allowed without prior approval and a RTN number. Contact Sentry to apply for RTN number. Products returned to Sentry, or its agents, without proper documentation, including RTN number, will be refused.

2. RTN numbers expire 60 days after date of issuance.

3. Customer must secure proper packaging and shipping, including insurance, to assure products are returned in good condition.

4. Costs of shipment to return products are the responsibility of the customer. Any products shipped collect-delivery to Sentry, or its agents, will be refused. Exceptions will include Sentry order or shipping errors, with prior approval.

5. Standard products are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Exceptions to this fee will include goods bought under Sentry’s 30-day trial program or other pre-arranged agreements, including Sentry order or shipping errors.

6. Non-standard or custom-made products may not be returned for credit. For a description of custommade products, please contact Sentry.

7. Credits will be issued for returned products with the following stipulations: a. Products are returned in saleable condition, as determined by Sentry upon receipt and inspection. b. Credit for damaged products, if accepted by Sentry, will be reduced by any and all costs necessary to return goods to saleable condition. c. If products are returned in damaged condition, Sentry reserves the right to deny credit. If denied, Sentry will, at customer’s discretion, either dispose of product or return them to customer. All costs of disposal or return shipment are the responsibility of the customer.

8. Credits, if given, will be issued to customer’s account within 15 days of receipt and acceptance of returned products.

9. Credits will be based on the current published Sentry prices, or the original invoice price, whichever is lower.

10. All returned products must be less than 6 months old from date of invoice.