Circumference (the length around the column) One Layer Circumference (the length around the column) Two Layers
0 – 1905mm 1 carton 0 – 737mm 1 carton
>1931mm – 4014mm 2 cartons >737mm – 1778mm 2 cartons
>14014mm – 6122mm 3 cartons >1778mm – 2845mm 3 cartons
>6122mm – 8230mm 4 cartons >2845mm – 3887mm 4 cartons
>3887mm – 4953mm 5 cartons
>4953mm – 6020mm 6 cartons

Park Sentry Round is shipped flat. Each panel is 34mm (1-1/3") thick, 702mm (27.6") wide, and 1m (39.3") tall. 3 panels wrap exactly around a 610mm (24") diameter round column.

For smaller columns, fewer panels are needed; for larger columns, panels can be added. Park Sentry round can be installed in layers to give increasing amounts of column protection. Park Sentry round is available in either yellow or black.