“We are very impressed with Park Sentry®. Prior to Park Sentry we tried wrapping garage pillars with other materials and got less than substantial results. With Park Sentry vehicle damage has been minimized. That prevents damage claims and allows us to provide exceptional customer service that our customers deserve.”

“If I owned all of my garages, I would put Park Sentry at all my locations. We are pleased with the product and would recommend it for any valet company.”

Tyler Lombardo President and CEO
MVP Valet Parking
Largest independently owned Valet Company in northeast Ohio

“I was working in our garage one night, and one of my employees was backing up a vehicle. I heard a “squeak” noise and turned to see where it was coming from. He had backed into a Park Sentry column protector. I yelled out for him to stop immediately and went over to look for any possible damage to the vehicle. There were no dents, no scratches and no markings from the Park Sentry. Park Sentry is a great product and a great investment.”

Sean Riley Operations Manager
MVP Valet Parking

“We’ve been using Park Sentry at our locations for about three years, now. Both locations are high density and spacing is tight. We’ve tried other solutions, but Park Sentry holds up the best. In fact, our insurance claims have been reduced by about 90 percent. This product is definitely worth the money.”

Matthew Gaeta Vice President, PF Parking Corporation
New York

“This product is in keeping with our recent focus on updating and making our garage spaces more customer- friendly. We have already noticed a reduction in vehicle damage since the installation of the Park Sentry product.”

“The wraps are attractive. Any tight parking structure would benefit from this product. The overall appearance is very positive and the safety yellow color adds to the visibility; clearly marking the location of the columns. We have been very pleased with Park Sentry product and customer service.”

Dell Hamilton Manager, Facilities Access & Maintenance
Texas A&M University

“The investments in the Minneapolis St. Paul facility have paid off well. We used to have substantial claims costs, which were budgeted and at one time seemed acceptable. With the improvements to the facility and improved training we have reduced this amount by 90%. We’ve saved well in advance of the costs of these investments. But even if we didn’t, I would rather put the money into the facility than give it to an angry customer. That’s a customer who won’t be coming back.”

Jim Horski, Manager of Operations Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport for Ampco Parking

“There was an instance where a Suburban (a large SUV) bounced off one of the columns. The majority of the column guard was destroyed, but not hitting the concrete saved us thousands of dollars because we didn’t have to fix the alignment on the car.”

“There are other products on the market; they won’t prevent damage. Park Sentry for sure will! The damages associated with collisions in the facility have decreased by about 80% since installing Park Sentry.”

Jason Dell’Ario Republic Parking
Senior Product Manager
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center