Guidelines for Calculating How Much Product You Need

Perimeter (distance around the outer boundary) Corners Panels
0-2439mm 1 carton 1 carton
>2439mm – 4191mm 1 carton 2 cartons
>4191mm – 5944mm 1 carton 3 cartons
>5944mm – 7697mm 1 carton 4 cartons

Park Sentry is a modular product meaning you can cover any sized 4-sided column. Our standard KIT includes 4 corners, 4 panels, 8 interlocking keys, and a set of straps. Alternatively you can purchase individual parts to make whatever size you want.

Corners are 1m (39.3") tall x 55mm (2.15") thick and extend 85mm (3.35") from the corner. Corners ship 4/carton and include the necessary interlocking keys. Panels are 440mm (17.25") x 1m (39.3") x 40mm (1.6"). Planks ship 4/carton and include the necessary interlocking keys. Both are available in yellow or black.


  • These charts are only a guideline. Always make sure you carefully measure the column(s) you are planning to protect.
  • Cartons that have been unopened and not used in any way will be accepted for return. All returns must follow the guidelines as stated in Sentry’s Return Policy. Call Sentry Customer Service at 888.265.8660 for information.